I love the idea behind the Amazing Race! 

Being dropped into the middle of a foreign land and scrambling to communicate, complete a task, and make it to the finish line! My ability to thrive under pressure and find creative solutions to unforeseen obstacles have given me opportunities to experience real life and move forward – personally and professionally.

Growing up globally gave me the gift to be able to quickly adapt to different cultures and norms. Life’s speed bumps don’t have to pull us back, they can simply changed your life’s trajectory.

I love finding creative solutions for unforeseen obstacles. Jumping into action at a moment’s notice. Morphing into roles that bring the best out in people. Making people feel at ease while validating their successes.

Originally from California, I moved back from Manhattan to be closer to family and begin the next chapter in my life.    50 and Fabulous!

I'm currently writing a screenplay and short stories about my electric life, and dabbling in standup comedy. Showcasing them in my blogs and my Manhattan Minion social media. I'm a laughter Creator!

As a personal assistant, I am experienced in:

  • Organization
  • Problem Solving 
  • Hospitality Services
  • Gardening & Critter Sitter
  • Crisis Management

 I have an ability to make people laugh and I get things done!

~Lisa Loving Life

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