"Lisa gives great personal advice, on anything from dating to business. She's wonderful person to be around with, who never ceases to provide a sense of optimism, energy, and love to everyone around her, especially those in need." - Y

"Thanks so much for all you do and all the great energy you carry in your life…You were helpful and needed, and and admired." - L

"Thanks again for your help…you did a great  job." - RL

"You changed the trajectory of my life there for an instant…You are a force of nature." - R

“Lisa worked as a team leader for several of our NYC Swim events this summer. From the get-go, she was a star! Lisa was an important component of each race’s success. She posses a keen intellect, energy, tenacity and a knack for finding innovative solutions to all challenges facing her. Through her myriad responsibilities, Lisa demonstrated strong leadership ability and dedication to her job, always displaying patience, initiative, and adaptability. She consistently completed successful deployment of all initiatives assigned to her, always with a smile. She was an excellent team leader, consistently encouraging her team to follow her example and strive to maintain her extremely high standards. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for further explanation…” - W