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I rescued Frodo from Animal Haven three years ago and he passed last week.

I heard a dozen dogs were rescued from a hoarding house and they needed foster parents. Upon arriving, I learned the dogs were sent to another facility. Poo.

A worker said, "You know….we rescued dogs two months ago from a similar situation...They hadn't seen the sun in years. All of them have homes now except one."

His siblings were all adopted.

The gal whispered to someone "Go get Lemur!”

‘What Whaaat? What is happening’ I thought.

The little man was brought out and he was shaking in fear.

He was ten, depressed, not house broken, had chronic diarrhea, most of his teeth were gone, and his heart was failing. "I'LL TAKE HIM!" I shouted.

I immediately changed his name to Frodo because he was Not going to be a Lemur! He was a survivor (like me) and had a purpose in life!

He helped me through my divorce, and gave me a reason to get out of bed for a year. We made our own groove and he became famous in the neighborhood. I wasn't Lisa-the neighborhood nice gal anymore; I was Frodo's mom! I lost my chance to have children of my own. It was a weird feeling.

He had a lot of physical problems over the past three years, but he was Happy!

He developed an abscess in his throat (probably cancer) and it moved down to his chest-pressing on his lungs and heart. He was granted a weekend pass home when he perked upon one hospital visit.

He came home, did his routine around the house while listening to his favorite music, and collapsed right when I was faxing in my W-9 form for my new job.

I think he knew it was time and left when he knew I was going to be ok.

I feel our family members understand they need to be hospitalized when they are ill, but also crave to be home for security and a little normalcy before they pass away.

My 22-year-old cat passed away under similar conditions after my first divorce. They can feel when we are OK.

Reinventing, readjusting, and rediscovering ourselves may involve how we handle death.