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Sometimes I find myself too detailed oriented. Clutter makes me shutter, everything needs to have it's place. When I get super busy, I could be mistaken for a junk yard gal!

I've learned that I need to just let go and paint - even on old and torn canvases. We all need a creative outlet.

Painting by numbers is nice, but scribbling outside the lines and splotch painting can often make us see things differently!



Lisa Romer


I have a knack for morphing into roles that bring the best out in people.
Making people feel at ease while validating their successes.
I love trying to find creative solutions for unforeseen obstacles.
Jumping into action at a moment’s notice.
Managing crises.

I’m not a typical personal assistant you would work with day to day,
I step in to help in special situations.

I live in Manhattan, but can easily travel.
~Manhattan Minion