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How many times do we see someone walking alone and smiling on the streets of New York? If they are smiling, they are most likely on the phone or staggering out of bar.

If you secretly want to be a daredevil and live on the edge a little?  No need to jump out of a plane or try speed dating…try smiling as you race to the subway or walk your dog!

I used to hate it when creeps would say “Smile” when I walked by them. “Don’t tell me what to do!” I thought. But, I learned about the Mona Lisa Smile and how it triggers happy endorphins – So, I lived dangerously, did the opposite, and gave it a try.

Within 10 feet, someone caught my eyes and smiled back. It happened again and again. Several people even stopped to chat! OK, mostly men… ;-)

“What is this new strange power?” I thought. “Did I miss a button on my blouse?” Some men had even pulled over to meet me!

Within a few weeks my half smile became instinctual for public outings and I was making friends in my neighborhood. This frumpy manager of a local dry cleaner still perks up to this day when I walk by, smile and wave.

Even if we are feeling like crawling into a gutter or picking at mental scars, there is a reason why we enjoy seeing happy children, puppies, and other humans on the streets of New York smile…Smiles are contagious!

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