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About Me:

“Being newly single and new to NY, I needed to reinvent myself a find a new niche. I loved being a teacher and helping transform Special Education in CA, but after my recent travels and sinking my teeth into urban development for a few years, I had outgrown the education field. I love making strong and deep life changes. I brushed up on my computer skills, volunteered all over New York, and even started my own personal assistant company. Diving into real estate feels right for me at this time!” 

I found myself alone and without a job in New York. My friends and family were back in CA, but I have this stubborn thing about not going backwards. Besides, I had experienced too much about the world. The months of soul searching that followed did not just include the loss of my identity and spouse, it included the loss of my father to Alzheimer's and the loss of my best friend to cancer (I was flying back and forth to help with during the final six months).

I have been told I am resilient. I suppose I am. I had to do the opposite of how I felt.

I volunteered all over New York to get the lay of the land. I remember being without navigation in sketchy parts and searching for inner strength to ask for directions. That was a little embarrassing to me because I used to roll into gang neighborhoods when teaching and people on the street used to wave and shout "La Maestra!"

Starting over for me meant finding strong and weak ties. The ties that smile just say hello everyday, and the ties accepted me for me.