Posted by Lisa Romer on Feb 06, 2015 under

Welcome to Beautiful NYC!

When I landed in Manhattan, I stood on a subway platform for half an hour to just absorb & watch.

I learned about simple movement protocol.

Had no idea how to use a Metro Card!

Hope these things will help you enjoy visiting New York:

  • Two types of Metro cards: One charges per swipe for everyone. The other gives one person unlimited for a duration  

    NYC Metro Cards

  • Allow people to exit first
  • Take backpacks off and hold by your legs
  • Ask anyone for advice! - New Yorkers are trained to look private due to pan handlers...We crave to be helpful & nice
  • Steer clear of empty cars - Something foul may be inside
  • Have something to avoid eye contact with donation seekers
  • Keep hand sanitizer on hand after the trip
  • When you get to the street - Smart phone maps may not work...Ask us! Anyone walking a dog is a given
  • Check out this SNL spoof on subway performers!! Too Funny! 

    SNL Subway Dancers